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Self Love Tarot Spread Tutorial – Happy Valentines to Myself!

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

With Valentines Day just around the corner, I wanted to celebrate Love. The most important kind, which is self love.

I am a firm believer in the healing and mind opening power of Tarot. Tarot is self care. Self care is self love. And that’s how I decided to create this Self Love Tarot spread and share it with you.

Before we jump right into it I wanted to remind you of a few simple facts:

You are unique

You are magic

You are enough

You are beautiful

Your are WORTHY

Never let anyone – including yourself – make you doubt any of this.

And now, to the tutorial.

Self Love Tarot Tutorial

For this reading, only use the Major Arcana of your deck. As always, use your dedicated Tarot space and make sure no one and nothing will come disturb you during your session.

There is no need to ask any question. Just focus on yourself and how you would like to know yourself better.

Draw 4 cards and read them as follows:

Card 1: GROW

This first card reveals a special talent or aspect of your personality, which needs to grow and become a bigger part of your life. It could be something that will help you be a better person or improve your relations with other. Or a way to reach the next level in your personal life or career.


Don’t get stuck in a routine with your own self. This card invites you to discover something new about yourself. Maybe you need to discover your creative side (the Empress) with a new hobby or craft. Maybe you’re about to discover a new spiritual interest (Hierophant or High Priestess).


Protect this aspect of your life or personality. It could be your career growth, your personal space or anything specific that may be threatened by others…or yourself.


Be proud of your achievements. Be proud of your qualities. This card will remind you of something truly great about you which you should be – if only for a minute – really proud of. Maybe it is your ability to remain calm in tough situations (Strength), your talent for a craft (the Magician) or your communication skills (Judgement). Celebrate your talent and keep using it for your personal growth.

After your reading, sit with the cards a little bit and enjoy what they are saying about you. No card in this reading is to be seen as negative, not even the Devil or the Tower. Even these cards hold positive messages and qualities. This is what you should be focusing on during this reading.

This spread can also be read intuitively afterwards if you look at all the cards together and let their messages resonate. Most likely, a prediction will also emerge.

Did you try this spread? Share your experience and thoughts by leaving a comment below!

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