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Botanical Inspirations Deck – Cards Review and Simple Tutorial

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Buying the Botanical Inspirations deck was totally impulsive. I didn’t research it at all. They had me at “Botanical” as I was browsing for new decks and cards on my wish list.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. I usually only buy Tarot decks and in this case, with 54 cards in total, this deck has little to do with Tarot. If not…nothing at all. So I bought this as a little surprise gift for myself to test something new. Bottom line was, at worst, the oracle is useless but I’d use the beautiful cards and I’ll turn them into craft. 

I won’t need to.

Even though there is no original art here (and that was part of my initial concern), the cards are really beautiful and inspiring. Plus they are simple and clear enough to offer many possibilities of reading. 

This is no Tarot deck. It’s a simple oracle based on classic and world famous botanical illustrations by Pierre-Joseph Redouté, to which the author added a word of wisdom to help us find courage, inspiration and faith in the beauty of these flowers.

At a glance:


  1. A beautiful, pleasant object and solid cardboard box

  2. Great for meditation and inspiration

  3. Lovely quotes on each card


  1. No original art

  2. Inconsistencies (Latin names are sometimes missing or incomplete)

  3. The booklet is very short

Example of Cards


I find that the best way to use this deck is to draw only one to three cards at once. One of the simplest things to do would be to draw one card per day and use it as a meditation and inspiration source. It’s especially handy if you have a Tarot Journal.

For more advices and actual readings, I find that this deck is really to be used for very small spreads and simple layouts.

To clear out confusion and find meaningful advice in a tricky situation, simply draw two cards while focusing strongly on the issue and take each advice in their order (left to right).

The card on the left is the main thing you need to focus on, the key advice to overcome. The card on the right will show you the outcome, the new strength that this first advice will give you. This second card is the virtue you basically need to attain to overcome the specific issue or situation you are reading for.

Here’s an example:

In this case, the cards were drawn to shed light on how to overcome a minor health issue for which no actual medical diagnosis was being made (i.e nothing apparently serious, but something yet really annoying).

The Gladiola tells us that this issue can be overcome through the strength of the mind. As the mind, with the support of a strong, solid character, can heal the body sometimes better than any chemicals and any medicine.

It is also telling us that this specific issue and trial should be taken as a lesson, a way to strengthen one’s character even more. By accepting this challenge and these difficulties, the sitter will be able to overcome.

Victory over this issue is possible through the strength and determination of the mind, says the Nasturtium. It may all just be a test, to show the sitter how much they can learn to control themselves and influence their own balance and well being.

To conclude, I would warmly recommend this deck. It may not be a major piece of art or a life changing investment like certain classic decks. But it’s definitely a lovely addition to any oracle collection.

The packaging is of better quality than most decks I’ve recently bought. The cards are comforting both through their design and messages. And it’s a lovely escape from the seriousness of Tarot.

If you want to draw a card that will inspire you without suddenly taking you some place uncomfortable (hello Devil, 5 of Cups or the Tower), then this is it.

It’s a “safe” deck. One you can always turn to for a little cheering up and a little inspiration.

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Jeremy Roper
Jeremy Roper
Jan 17, 2022

This was a very well written review. I look forward to reading more from this writer, Louise.


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thank you! 💜

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