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Clarifying Tarot, Free Will and Fate

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

It’s an old recurring question: Can we believe in Tarot, Free Will and Fate all at the same time? How can they really co-exist and work together?

Should we pick a side and read Tarot for guidance only leaving aside any predictions since free will can alter the future? Or do we let go of free will and read for predictions, leaving it all up to fate?

There is actually a pretty fantastic middle ground. And that is where Tarot works best.

Disclaimer for this post: I believe in free will playing a part in the shaping of your own fate. This is my belief and it is fully subjective and based on my experience as a reader and human being 🙂


When we accept such a philosophy and view of the world as a Tarot reader or fortune teller in general, we accept the fact that life and fate are fluid.

Certain major events are meant to be and will happen no matter what. They’re part of our destiny and are ruled by fate: but we do play a major part in shaping our fate step by step. And the detours, means and details are almost entirely up to us.

For example, some people are born to travel far away from home, become famous or experience life through alternative ways. Some people are meant to be parents or builders or healers. But the details and even the timing are strongly be influenced by our own free will and actions.

Some people work with and some people work against their destiny. But what is destiny?

Once again, based on my experience, destiny is something we shape every step of the way. Are certain things written and meant to be? Absolutely. Who wrote it? We did. We write every single page of the book through our subconscious thoughts, our deepest beliefs and of course the actions we take. Every thing we do leads to the next and we create our own personal web as we go.

Tarot Free Will and Fate


One may wonder what is the point of a Tarot session if you can work against its predictions? Or if external factors can get in the way of our plans anyway?

Tarot will give us predictions when a situation has already been shaped and defined well enough so that certain things can’t be stopped from happening. When manifestations are well on the way, Tarot can see them coming and confirm what is about to happen.

These are the things we won’t be able to change. In this case, even trying to go against a prediction will most likely lead to exactly that: the thing we’re trying to avoid (remember those poor Greek mythology heroes?).

It’s sometimes it’s too late to stop the Wheel of Fortune, but it’s never too late to plan on how to fix things for the next round.

When doors are still open, Tarot is also fantastic at telling us what we could and should do to get where or what we want (or need). The cards are not simply meant to tell us what is going to happen and it was never their original purpose.

The deck provides warnings and advices, information about people and situations. Tarot actually works with our soul and mind at the same time. It appeals to our intelligence.


For example: You may want something real bad. An emotionally unavailable partner for instance. And you want the cards to tell you that everything is going to be fine and perfect. Like you would want your friends to approve of it and tell you things will work out. Even though they think they won’t. They just want to you to chill and talk about something else.

But what if the cards tell you that everything will be fine if you can let go of this toxic person who is not deserving of your devotion and put your energy into something more constructive while leaving the door open for someone better to come into your life?

I’d take a friend who speaks the truth and cares about my well being over an enabler who can’t be bothered to argue any day.

Tarot Free Will and Fate Choices


Wouldn’t it be awful if we didn’t have options? Isn’t that the exact opposite of freedom?

Our freedom is restricted and always has been. For better or for worse. If only because we live in a certain time and place. But it does exist.

There are social rules and norms we cannot fully escape. We are shaped by an education, a family and the people we meet over time. And our choices just like our tastes and personality depend on these factors. Whether we embrace them or rebel against them.

But once we’re able to rise above all that and adopt a different perspective: that’s when we become a little more free. Once we understand why we feel or think in a certain way, only then can we question and examine things objectively.

Am I liberal/conservative because of my family and environment? Or because I considered all points of view and came to a conclusion of my own? That’s freedom of thought.

Tarot always gives us more than a prediction because it gives us causes and information about a situation. Leaving us freedom of thought.

Why are we currently feeling this way? How did we get to this point? And where are we headed? The cards want us to see things from an objective point of view. There is no judgement or moral. It’s just us, our conscience and our destiny.


Of course, Tarot gives us predictions and not just guidance. But we are free to read as we please based on our needs and beliefs. A lot of my sitters will sometimes simply want a prediction. And they are not always ready and receptive for the details of the answer. This is always fine because it is actually their wish and their free will. Sometimes we can only take so much information at once.

A common example is that in a lot of love readings, people will ask me if they are going to get back together with their ex partner. Sometimes the answer is yes. Yes…but. Yes you will/can but maybe you should reconsider your wish. Because you will get hurt again and you’re not learning from your mistakes. But all they want is the yes. And that is fine. It is their life experience and while they’re not changing their own destiny, they are in charge of the timing, of certain shapes and colours.  Tarot will provide guidance but never lock you in or out of a situation.

And Tarot will always have more advice for us the next time around. Leaving us free to take it or leave it.

There is no right or wrong way to live our life.

Tarot is only there to help us find the best way through it all. Like that one friend we can always turn to for both comfort, honesty and wisdom.

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