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If Tarot Cards Could Talk: Will Power with the Magician, the Fool and the Chariot

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

If Tarot cards could talk. And the topic was will power? They’d probably send these 3 to start the conversation.

I tried to imagine what the Fool, the Chariot and the Magician could possibly tell us if they were to deliver just one simple and direct message about will power.

Asking ourselves such questions is a great way to learn Tarot as beginners or simply clarify our vision for each of them, no matter how advanced we are.


Let’s take a look at 3 cards, which share important characteristics despite being quite different.

The Magician, the Fool and the Chariot all speak of will power. They share a love for action. They all say: it’s time to do something, it’s time to start something. Whether you know what you’re doing or not.

In their own way, they are brave, energizing and encouraging cards that promise action in the near future.


If Tarot Cards could talk of will power the Fool would speak of faith and taking chances

The Fool is a card of blind faith and innocence. Usually associated with youth and individuals who are not afraid to start over, take chances and believe in their own good fortune.

The Fool can lead us to disaster and that’s why the dark can sometimes cast a shadow on a spread. It can also take us on the greatest adventure of our lifetime. And that’s what makes this character so beautiful: you never know where the Fool is taking you but you’ll come back richer from the journey.

When you get this card in a reading, it is usually because the time has come to get on your way, even though you don’t feel entirely ready. Sometimes making decisions take forever and we just need to take a leap of faith and stop weighing the pros and cons while life passes us by. The Fool invites you on a journey. With no guarantee of the outcome: it’ll be up to you to pave your own way.

More about the Fool this way.


If Tarot Cards could talk about Will Power the Magician would speak of hard work and skills

The Magician is all about new beginnings and work. The first card of the major arcana is filled with fiery energy, like the star sign it embodies so well: Aries.

The Magician does not originally speak of magic in the way we may understand it today. He is a worker, a craftsman who knows tricks and skills that can seem pretty impressive to those who have no training. But it’s all about knowledge and practice in the end.

There is no magic without hard work. Any beginner can become a master with the right dedication. This is truly the key message of the Magician.

When you get this card in a reading, it usually calls for you to trust in your own skills and get to work. It’s often seen when sitters get a new job or are about to enter a new phase of their life.

More about the Magician this way.


if tarot cards could talk the chariot would speak of will power and victory

The Chariot is a beautiful card we all love to see in readings, especially guidance oriented sessions. The rider is all about courage, tenacity and balance. He’s on his way and nothing can stop him. It doesn’t really matter where he is coming from and what his purpose is.

The way he sets himself on the way is already a victory. He is guaranteed to overcome any obstacle on the way. He may not even notice them: his mind is set on something great.

When you get this card in a reading, you pretty much have nothing to fear. But you need to take action as the time is now right for you to get moving. Whether you feel ready or not, you’re gonna have to hold on tight and go for it.

More about the Chariot this way.

No matter how difficult or challenging a reading may be, you’ll always find encouraging messages in these 3 cards. What they share is a true message of faith.

They hold many promises for the future and want you to know that life is for the living and taking risks is not only part of the journey, it’s the very essence of it.

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