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Manifesting: Real Talk about "the Middle"

Updated: Jul 23, 2022

Here's a (hard) truth about integrating manifesting into your lifestyle: Sometimes, it takes much longer than some simplified versions, posts and Youtube videos may lead one to believe. Chaos, doubt and delays can be great signs that you're doing this right. Here's why.

(Bonus video below: what setbacks mean when manifesting)

You can have everything you want if you do the work and give it time... is not a great clickbait. And it's not ALWAYS true, some things can come very fast, depending on where you stand in regards to your desires and limiting beliefs. But when you make deliberate creation and manifesting part of your lifestyle, you're committing to shake things up and making very deep changes. In my experience, these never come without a couple challenges rising up and a little... chaos.

So if you've been doing all the work: meditating, scripting, setting intentions etc. and suddenly find yourself in a weird or uncomfortable place... you've probably been doing things right!

It's called the Middle, and it sucks. But it's also a magical place from which everything great you've been intending to receive and experience will actually happen.

There are two approaches to manifesting in mainstream culture. The biggest one is the instant, fix-a-problem-now and go back to normal approach, which is benefitting from people trying to quickly manifest a text from someone, need a specific amount of money to finish the month etc. These are usually not sustainable and often leave newbies disappointed and observers skeptical or suspicious. The other approach, the one that will change your entire world (wink wink, the one I teach) is the deeper, long term commitment to a new mindset. And this one takes time. It's a lifelong commitment.

A lot of people out there won't like that but I'll say it: this will come with a price. That price is often a lot of changes happening, people disappearing from your life and delays or detours on your way to "big" manifestations.


Because once you start doing the work, a lot of old manifestations that stem from your auto-pilot mode will disappear as a result of your new beliefs being integrated. That's why a little mess during your spiritual shift is usually a good sign.

That does not mean you need to celebrate or be looking for trouble. Actually, this will be the time to apply some fundamental habits that are crucial to a solid manifesting lifestyle: controlling your reactions and letting go.

The hard part about this is that you'll often notice your old programming and system beliefs fighting to make a comeback. As things get tricky and doubts arise, you may question your ability to manifest, the law of attraction itself and all of the work you've been doing so far. We ALL go through this phase. Anyone who tells you it's all smooth sailing and everything is instant, is lying. Don't get me wrong: You CAN get to a point of smooth sailing and instant manifestations. But given the nature of our society, the shame and ridicule that has been inflicted upon manifestations work in all its forms - from the Secret (yes, not the best representation) to actual witches and Pagans - our world has been pretty resistant and mean to magical and free-thinking.

Thankfully, this is all changing and there is a great window of opportunity for more people to discover a lifestyle that is so much easier, so much greater and fulfilling. And if you are one of them, especially currently dealing with "the Middle", do not give up now.

The Middle is the Sweet Spot

Okay no, it's not comfortable and we're not staying long. But the Middle is where the most precious creative juice comes from. It's where the long term solidifying of your faith happens. It's not something you want to miss out on.

The Middle is that important turn you're taking and just like on a mountain road, it's a little scary, you don't have a lot of visibility and your stomach may even turn. But once you get to the other side, to that magical valley with the breathtaking views, the flowers, the peace of mind and the babbling brook, you'll know why you took that road. And you'll thank yourself so hard for not giving up on the way to achieving your goals.

Oh, and it gets better. While you'll always have to maintain and observe your mindset, after that Middle's usually much smoother sailing ;)

Don't give up!

With love,

Lou x

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