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The Moon Tarot Cards: Quick Facts

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

The Moon has a power of attraction that may well be the strongest in the deck. Even people who don’t know much about or don’t even like Tarot have probably seen the Moon’s representation once or twice in their life. It is iconic.

And like our mysterious satellite, the card of the Moon is associated with the night, tides and cycles, feminine energy and sometimes even witchcraft. But here are some more Tarot card facts about the Moon.

Some are well known, others less so.


The West – The Moon is associated with the element of Water. Water is associated with the West. Therefore, when asking the cards for specific clues (such as: where will I have to move to find a job?) the Moon’s answer is: West. And most likely near water.

Maternity – The foetus lives in water. It is living and growing and yet invisible. It affects everything around the water. Associated with the right cards, the Moon can announce maternity.

Yin – The Moon is associated with the Yin and feminine energies.

Secrets – The Moon is the card of secrets. All things hidden below the surface and in the dark.

Tsade – The Moon is associated with the 18th letter in the Hebrew and Phoenician alphabet.

The Moon in the Animal Totem Tarot Deck

The Moon in the Animal Totem Tarot Deck


The Moon is the card of polarity. The Towers behind the water represent the left and right sides of our brain: our logical and intuitive thinking. The dog is our tame side, the wolf our wild side.

The Moon is traditionally represented as if “swallowed” by the Sun, because we only see it thanks to the light reflecting on its visible side. Therefore, the Moon doesn’t “exist” for us without the Sun, its counterpart.


The Moon is often seen as the card of creativity and the arts. Its cycles influence our receptivity, emotions and moods, which are key elements for artists.

The water represents our subconscious, a place where dreams and reality are not clearly separated and where creative minds find endless inspiration.


The drops that seem to fall from the sky and sometimes look like tears from the Moon are not drops falling. Originally, it is water attracted towards the Moon and rising to the sky. They symbolize the strong power of attraction of the Moon.

Want to share your vision of the Moon and tips on how to read it? Just leave us a comment below!

Visit my Tarot Card Meaning Page for the Moon for more info including card associations meanings, astrological insights & more.

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