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Knights of Tarot Meaning & Messages

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

The Knights of Tarot are one of the 4 royal figures of the Minor Arcana. They serve the King and Queens of their suit and usually announce actions, news and revelations.

Knights are supercharged with energy. They actively bring something into your spread and into your life. It could be a visit, news heading your way or major changes. Depending on the energy of you spread, a Knight could be a serious opponent or challenge in your future.

The Knights are very special cards because they are all active, they are on their way and on a mission. Pay close attention to their message for they want to take you somewhere and show you the best way to continue on your path.

The Good Side of the Knights

  1. Actions

  2. News

  3. Stamina

  4. Strength

  5. Help

The Dark Side of the Knights

  1. Fights

  2. Challenges

  3. Threats

  4. Burn Out

  5. Wasted Energy

The Knight of Wands

is full of creative energy. He speaks of the pursuit of an idea, of actively working for something. Ruled by the element of Fire, the Knight of Wands is all about action and not (enough) about plans and strategy.

Knights of Tarot Meaning - Knight of Wands

While this card is highly positive and encouraging on its own, it also reminds you to not forget to think things through before you jump head first into something that isn’t properly planned.As a person, the Knight of Wands is usually a young man (25-40 y.o), with dark hair in good physical condition.

The Knight of Cups

is traditionally seen as the protector and messenger of love. He is also the one who prompts you to make decision about love, emotions and spirituality.

Knights of Tarot Meaning - Knight of Cups

In my readings, I often see the Knight of Cups as changes in matters of the heart. He can announce a new love coming into your life or the improvement of a relationship.

The Knight of Cups is about making things better, helping people heal, reconnect and reconcile.

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The Knight of Pentacles

is the least active of the four knights. But on his horse, he is aware of his surroundings and at the ready. He is ready to work and ready to protect his assets.

Knights of Tarot Meaning - Knight of Pentacles

The Knight of Wands traditionally announces stability and even the improvement of your financial situation. Things are under control and there is nothing to worry about – unless he is reversed or surrounded by challenging cards.

The Knight of Pentacles is all about following through with your plans, working on a solid routine and keeping things steady. He is not inactive but he does not bring exciting changes. True to the element ruling over the suit of Pentacles, Earth, he is all about keeping a cool head and working hard.

The Knight of Swords

is the most aggressive of all knights. Depending on your deck, he will be more or less of a negative figure. Newer decks tend to soften his appearance and make him less of a threat.

Knights of Tarot Meaning - Knight of Swords

But traditionally, the Knight of Swords announces arguments, challenges and sometimes even physical threats.

Depending on his role, he may be a very good card for the sitter. If the Knight of Swords is on your side, you basically have nothing to fear for there is no mightier opponent than him. He will literally fight to the death for you and no one stands a chance against him.

The Knight of Swords is all about actions and the intellect. He does not care nor leave any room for feelings and emotions.

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