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Creating a Sacred Tarot Space for Better Readings

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

When creating a dedicated and sacred space for your Tarot readings, every thing matters. The colours, material, plants, scents, temperature, light, sounds… Everything should be made to make you feel at peace and spiritually available.

Sacred Tarot Space - the basics

The Basics of A Sacred Space

Your sacred space is, above all, yours. Do what you want with it and truly make it feel like your little nest.

The Room or Space itself should ideally include a table or dedicated reading area. Some people read on the floor on a dedicated cloth. This is entirely your choice.

If possible at all, your reading area should have you facing East when reading. The East is the starting point of everything, including – ideally – your readings.

You may even consider an altar to place and keep your cards and magic supplies.

Some basic items will help you make the energy flow and the vibe feel right. You shouldn’t have to spend a whole lot of money to make this happen.

I find that one cheap yet important part of my space are herbs. And these literally don’t have to cost anything at all.

Fresh and dry, make sure they are ones you love and learn to know their specific uses and powers. Grow and pick them yourself if you can.

Essential oils for cleansing, focus and comfort will also help you set the mood.

Candles, candles, candles

There is no power like that of fire.

Even the smallest flame is a mighty source of energy. Your candles will help you focus, cleanse and instill magic in the room.

Before every reading, make sure to light a candle. As you do so, focus on the reading’s intention and purpose. Bless your space and bless your reading while doing so.

If the setting allows, you could even read by the candlelight only. My favourite readings are done early in the morning, with the first rays of sunshine or late in the evening with candles only. Both atmospheres help me feel more connected with natural energies.

Find which hour of the day and what type of lighting works best for you.


As you probably know, crystals and stones are huge in the pagan community.

For luck, protection and general energy work, crystals will be part of your Tarot journey. Pick ones that inspire you.

Some favorites include:

  1. Onyx (strength, stamina)

  2. Amethyst (clarity, connection, intuition)

  3. Rose Quartz (peace, love)

  4. Tiger Eye (protection, healing)

  5. Citrine (energy, protection)

  6. Clear Quartz (clarity, enlightenment)

  7. Jasper (empowerment)

Sacred Tarot Space with Crystals

But there are many more. Find one that resonates with you and your needs (healing, confidence etc.).

(Free) Magic Items

In my parlor you’ll find all sorts of sticks, acorns, pine cones, dried leaves, pieces of barks, stones etc. I find them during walks and outdoors meditations and bring them back to my sacred space.

I love them more than anything I could ever buy.

The most important thing is the energy your will infuse in this area. You are responsible for bringing in openness, positivity and faith into your sacred reading space.

A Personal and Spiritual Space

Creating a space for your Tarot deck, literally speaking, is all about getting one area ready to always welcome and enhance your readings.

But creating this space requires focus and mindfulness.

While creating your space, reading or studying the cards, you need to make room around and within yourself. Your sacred Tarot space is also a sacred mental space.

Make sure you’re not distracted. Thinking about that one annoying colleague and an overdue bill.

Be here now. Think Tarot, think Soul, think Universe.

Sacred Tarot Space with rituals

The more time you spend in your sacred space the better. But treat it with respect. Bring pure and important vibes to it. No Netflix streaming, no junk food.

Your sacred Tarot space could easily become your new favorite personal space in the world. A little bubble to meditate, read, pray or write.

Use it to develop your psychic abilities and connect better with yourself and others by conducting healing rituals, setting yourself goals or simply working your mindfulness. Be creative.

Let it be infused with your spiritual energy.

Do you have or are you planning to create a sacred space of your own? Don’t hesitate to share your thoughts, tips or questions by leaving a comment below.

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