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Welcoming a New Tarot Deck into Your Collection

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

How to welcome a New Tarot Deck in 4 Easy Steps

I can’t think of many things that are quite as exciting as welcoming a new Tarot deck to my collection. It’s such a special moment. You never know what kind of connection you’re going to feel.

Discovering a new deck is rediscovering every card. A new take on all the classic figures you love and know can even make you feel differently about them. All thanks to the work of talented artists and writers.

So how can we optimise this first connection with a new deck and make sure we welcome our new cards with the respect and honour they deserve? Here are a few simple tips.

welcoming a new tarot deck or oracle cards

Step 1 – Unpacking & Welcoming

Unpacking your deck is no small step. Whether you’re driving home from the shop or just taking your new deck inside after its been delivered: wait to unpack it.

Make sure to unpack your new Tarot deck in a quiet space, which is ideally the one you have dedicated to your readings. This space should be ready to welcome your new deck of cards. Set aside other decks and make room for the new one. You will want to give it room to speak and introduce itself.

This space should be ready to welcome your new deck of cards. Set aside other decks and make room for the new one. You will want to give it room to speak and introduce itself.

If you don’t yet have a sacred space this is your chance to make one. If this is not possible, find the closest alternative. You could unpack the deck in your bedroom – bed made, candles on – because it is an intimate space filled with your energy.

Step 2 – Introducing Yourself

You are about to start a long term relation with this deck. So you will need to introduce yourself and ask for it to do the same.

Introduce yourself. Tell the deck who you are and why you asked it into your home and space. What are your expectations and how can it help? Don’t be shy. This deck will soon know everything about you anyway.

Once you’ve introduced yourself, ask the deck to do the same. Lay out all the cards on your table and see which ones speak to you in the clearest, loudest way. Usually 2 to 3 cards should stand out.

Focus on these cards, use them for a short meditation to understand the first message of your deck.

You can then get to know the cards by going through all of them, inspecting and understanding the minor suits and creating connections with all the figures you love most. Just don’t start reading yet. Touch and look at the cards but don’t yet ask questions or make them “work”.


Here’s the latest deck I welcomed into my collection

Step 3 – Say Thanks

The 3rd step should be very short. After you both introduced yourself, thank your deck for being there and put all the cards back together. Speak out loud and be grateful for the future readings and answers your deck will provide.

Associate your new deck with crystals, herbs or spices you love. Put those on the box or next to your deck and let the energies work their magic.

Step 4 – Let it Rest

The simplest and hardest part: leave your deck alone for a while. After you’ve unpacked, introduced yourself and thanked your new cards for their future services, you’ll need to give them a little time.

Don’t start with a Celtic Cross or worse: a reading for someone else.

Let them sit and absorb the energy of your sacred space. Allow a few hours and ideally a night before you start working with them.

How do you like to welcome a new deck of cards to your collection? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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2 comentarios

Amandala Burton
Amandala Burton
18 dic 2022

Thank you, for your completely forth rite explanation and introduction to a tarot… I have a few beautiful decks ive collected through the years. Even started to depict one my self. I’m not a reader but always wanted to learn… just never felt a connection to a deck, until one day. The lovers path came to me through best friend moving away. i suspect she bought this deck at a second hand store, she was frequenting second hand stores alot back then. She probably looked through them couple of times, then packed away in her drawer. Until She was moving and gave them to her daughter, who show them to me and said… I really don’t want these do yo…

Me gusta
Contestando a

Thanks so much Amandala, really glad this helped!!

Me gusta
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