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Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The "Should I Do It" Tarot reading can help you make a decision when you're feeling stuck. There are a few ways of asking the cards a very specific question about a very specific situation and get a clear answer. Here's a simple tutorial for when you just can't seem to make up your mind.

Whether you've accepted a job interview and feel guilty towards your current employer, agreed to a date even though you are still involved with someone or hesitate to launch your own t-shirt brand, this reading may help you make a decision once and for all.

Word of warning: asking the Tarot if you should or should not do something should only be one of the steps in your decision making process. I especially recommend doing it when you've been weighing out pros and cons (make a list if needed) and still can't decide which way to go. And sometimes it's like flipping a coin. The answer you get makes you realize you wanted the opposite. Your free will remains.

The Simplest Way: 1 Card Reading

Just one card is my favoite way of doing this myself. Confusion brings confusion and more cards can easily confuse a chaotic mind. Cut the noise.

How to: Focus on your dilemma. Then throw your cards on your table and mix them all up. Your cards must be upside down, mixed like on Big Bang day and then put back together in one neat pile. Mix the cards in your hands until you feel it is right to stop and draw one. Turn the card and lay it on the table. Is it upright and positive? Yes, you should do it. Is it reversed or negative? Don't do it.

This is a very simple reading and it's super efficient. The key is to be extremely focused when mixing and drawing the one card. Also, do NOT do this more than once, otherwise it will not mean anything anymore (not asking the same question over and over is one of the golden rules of Tarot).

You can always read the card you drew for more information but I personally prefer to put it back and move on with my day if I'm stressed. Don't read Tarot (especially for yourself) when your mind is not at peace.

There is another way to go, still quite simple but involving 3 cards and a little more information about your decision.

Should I Do It? 3 Cards Reading

Mix the cards like for the reading above. Then spread all 78 cards in front of you and draw 3. Try to do so quickly after mixing them up. Read the 3 cards together, the vibe of the 3 cards together will give you the answer. If you have more negative or reversed cards the answer is a no. Do this fast without overthinking.

Once you have the answer, read the message of the cards separately as they will also be telling you what is at stake and why the answer is yes or no. Once again, only proceed to this reading if you know you can handle the information you will receive. If not, stick to the one card technique and cut to the chase.

I hope this helps you today!

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