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Spring Meditation Tarot Tutorial

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Tarot and seasonality. One of my favourite topics in the world! I’m always excited to welcome a new season with a dedicated spread. A Spring meditation tarot tutorial felt just right this week. After all, it is the most exciting seasons of all: Nature awakens, we make new plans, hope is everywhere.

I can’t think of a better time for an inspiring Tarot session.

Like the Winter Meditation Spread, the aim of this tutorial is to help you meditate in a profound yet simplified way using the deck as a support to see clearer.

Ideally, choose a colourful and joyous deck if you own one (Linestrider, Fairy Tarot) rather than a darker one. A neutral, classic deck will work too (RWS, Marseille, Botticelli etc.). This is of course entirely up to you but connections, themes and colours can make a difference in such readings.


1 – Prepare: very early in the season is when you should be preparing for the year ahead: for the blossoms and growth of the Summer and the harvest that comes in the Fall. Some things must be put in order now. This first card will tell you what requires your attention and immediate actions. These actions will not always generate immediate results but will have you prepared and protected in the long run.

2 – Sow: the second card is about sowing the seeds for the year. Once the immediate and urgent matters have been identified and taken care of, you’ll have time to plant the seeds for your new projects. What do you want to accomplish this year and what is the best way to do it? This card will give you insights on how to do things right.

3 – Spring Cleaning: this 3rd card is all about cleansing and de-cluttering. As the earth awakens, our energy level goes up. This is the perfect opportunity to re-organise our personal space and life. This card will tell you if something (and what) needs to be cleansed or let go of.

4 – Embrace: Springtime is the season of love, new chances and opportunities. This card will tell you about a new opening in your life. It could be a person you should get to know better, a possible change at work or a tip for personal growth.

Enjoy! And if you like this spread, feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below.

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