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Tarot Decks of 2018 – A Short Selection of New Editions

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

It’s time again. Time to wave goodbye to the year past. To reflect, learn and be thankful also.

But it’s also time to look forward to what is to come and what will make 2018 amazing. Of course, that includes beautiful, exciting new tarot decks!

Here is a short selection of Tarot Decks for 2018 that you can support, pre-order or simply put on your list.

The Anima Mundi Tarot Deck by Megan Wyreweden (on Kickstarter)

Anima Mundi New Tarot Decks 2018

Although the estimated delivery date is in December 2017, this Tarot deck should hopefully be a hit of 2018. The illustrations are impeccable and true to the cards’ original meanings.

And while there are already many Animal inspired decks out there, this one manages to stand out for both its aesthetics and symbolic power.

The author chose to not only use animals but also plants and nature in general to convey the messages of the cards and I am convinced that this deck could well produce some deep and enlightening readings.

You can find the deck on Kickstarter.

Tarot in Wonderland by Barbara Moore and Eugene Smith (on Llewellyn and Amazon)

Tarot in Wonderland New Tarot Decks 2018

Llewellyn Editions know how to keep us Tarot and oracle readers happy. And while they have many great products announced for 2018 going from new cards to Books, the Tarot in Wonderland is probably going to be a favourite.

This is of course not the first Tarot based off one of the most famous books of all times, but it may be the best so far.

Moore and Smith have already brought to life several decks including the beautiful Animal Totem Tarot and these names are a guarantee of depth and quality!

You can view and pre-order the Tarot in Wonderland here.

The Reader’s Tarot Deck by Matteo Filippini (on Kickstarter)

Readers New Tarot Decks 2018

Another Kickstarter project I love is the Reader’s Tarot deck by Matteo Filippini. You may know that I am a big fan of the Marseille Tarot and Italian decks and I just love to see a new Tarot project bringing the old tradition back into the spotlight.

The illustrations are both true to these roots while bringing a little more roundness and fresher design for the modern reader.

Definitely a great option for those wanting to work more with the original Tarot tradition and struggling to find a design they can easily fall in love with.

You can buy and support this Tarot deck here.

Hidden Waters Tarot Deck (2nd Edition) by LunaSolare (on Etsy)

Hidden Waters New Tarot Decks 2018

Okay, this is a second edition but nevertheless, it’ll be a 2018 edition and is therefore relevant to the list. Only available on Etsy to the best of my knowledge, this is a most original and beautiful deck.

Very far from our original Marseille and RWS system, the Hidden Waters Tarot approaches the cards in a most abstract manner, leaving a lot of room for your intuition and for free, open readings.

You can pre-order it on  Etsy here.

Tarot of Plants by Heather Enders (on Etsy)

Tarot of Plants - New Tarot Decks 2018

The Tarot of Plants is an extremely minimalist deck. After a second of hesitation, I did start to see the potential in those cards. Simple and yet attractive, they focus on natural symbolism and seasons.

The deck is all black and white and also leaves a lot of room for your own intuition and has a feel that is definitely closer to an oracle than a Tarot deck. But it manages to marry both worlds beautifully. You can pre-order this deck on Etsy here.

Are you looking forward to any deck in particular this year? Share your findings or even personal work in the comments below!

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