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The Truth about Timing in Manifestations and Predictions

Updated: Mar 15

After discussing timing with a tarotfesting mentee and how it can really trip us up, I thought this was something I needed to share with my fellow Tarotfesters and manifesters.

One of the questions I get 95% of the time as part of a “one question reading” is WHEN will it happen.

When, when, when. But more exactly… WHEN?!

I’ve had people ask the hour of the day in live readings.

I get this question often when helping people manifest or tarotfest as well. “Let’s make it happen before - insert date-”… Girl, please.

I get it. I get it so much and my point is not to make fun of this need or to dismiss it. I’ve been there and I know exactly how it all feels. And it's not great.

I also know the remedy because that is literally what I do every day.

Having a Timeline is making your Manifestation Conditional

I need you to understand one thing and it will change your manifesting game entirely:

If you’re feeling the need for reassurance about the timing of your manifestation (or prediction, which is the same…) then you’re not fully aligned with it. You’re adding resistance to the mix because now your manifestation is conditional. It could still happen, but you've reduced its chances of coming to pass drastically and you've most likely pushed it away further in time.

Why? Because the orchestration (aka the HOW) is none of your business. And the orchestration will affect the timing because quite often, things must be moved around for us to get excactly what we want. Which is why, the more specific your desire is, the more you should chill the f out about it. Read this again please.

Now, having resistance is normal and no one will ever ask you to always be free of it. That is simply impossible and a little crazy. But having a timeline is having a strong need, which only comes from a place of lack. If you know it’s done, you don’t keep an eye on the watch or the calendar. You keep an eye on your passions, on the texts coming in from the people you have fun with, on the book you love reading over and over… not on the watch.

Ok then, Lou. But how do I let go of the timeline and ignore the fact that it’s been months or years? ✨

You have to let it totally go. You speak soothing words to yourself. And above all: You go general.

Here’s how to let go of the timeline👇

Every time you catch yourself thinking about your timeline or lack of results, go general, immediately.

The way I do it is by simply reminding myself that my job is solely to tend to my vibration in this moment. I remind myself that manifesting is an inside job. Nothing going on outside of myself matters in this moment. And so I turn to teachers I trust, I do something nice for myself, I pray for surrender and I change the vibe. My vibe.

Not my vibe in relation to my manifestation. My general vibe. Just the way I feel at large, for no other reason than the well being that is naturally my effin right.

Read the above paragraph again and focus on these concepts:

Manifesting is an inside job.

Your well being is all that matters.

Shifting your vibe will shift your reality.

Surrender is the key.

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