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Eclipse Energy Is Miraculous Energy

I bet you haven’t heard that much on social media these past few days with the chaotic and electric energy at play. Mercury Retrograde is in full swing on the day of a total solar eclipse and the new moon was in Aries on the same day... That made for a popular soup recipe many saw as the cause for all their problems. You may also have read that eclipses will take things out of your life while rendering you powerless. And that manifesting during eclipse season is "dangerous" or "ineffective". Nope.

Such statements truly make me want to scream into a pillow and so I wanted to give you some keys to navigate these events, conversations and mostly to take the fear out of the equation, because it’s bullshit. 📣

You’re just as powerful during

Eclipse Season

You’re just as powerful on an eclipse day as any other day ✨.

You’re just as powerful during a Retrograde too.

The cool thing is that you can tap into the power of such events to align yourself even more when you know what’s going on.

It’s kind of like knowing which way the wind is blowing when you’re on a sail boat. Knowing what’s going on and how it affects your sail helps you make the right decisions and focus on the right actions. It doesn’t make you powerless. If anything, you can learn to harness the wind’s power to propel your forward even more.

An eclipse (or any major cosmic/astrological event) is just the same. I personally had to unfollow several astrologers whose content I usually like, but when it comes to eclipses it all turns into fear mongering and I simply think it’s not okay and more importantly, not justified.

It’s impossible to not manifest. You’re made of energy, you’re always emitting a mix of frequencies like the little flesh and bone radio tower that you are. It doesn’t stop as long as you are present in your body. It certainly doesn’t stop for eclipse season.

So when anyone says “don’t manifest during eclipse season”, that’s a red flag for me because it’s simply impossible. Just keep manifesting, while being aware of the current events and making the most of them too.


The Power of Letting Go (Not Giving Up)

So what’s all the fuss anyway? Why do some people say or believe that you shouldn’t manifest during Eclipse season?

To simplify, eclipses are believed to have a cleansing energy, they take away things that are not meant for you or no longer serve you. That’s all good. But the main narrative is that you can’t have a say in what happens and that’s simply not true.

I’m all about letting go and surrendering to let the Universe do its job.

I LOVE getting out of they way knowing I am supported. But I would never get out of the way out of fear. This is not a belief system I can get behind nor one I would wish for anyone in the world. It means you give up your power, it means all the sudden, you’re not co-creating anymore and to use stronger words, you accept to possibly be a victim of faith. It means your manifestations and intentions are fragile and not fully supported.

Well, if you understand and believe in the process of manifestation, that’s a very strange thing to do as you’re basically calling in drama and giving up your power. 🤨

The Universe wants to work with you 💗. It’s not out there to get you. An eclipse is not a threat.


Making Eclipse Season Work for You

I believe in letting go even more during eclipse season because it feels good. I get to feel even more supported and I relax into that knowledge. I also like to play around with more general affirmations to open myself up to new perspectives and opportunities.

For example, I will go around for days playfully telling the Universe 

Alright, show me what you got. And because my energy is playful and trusting, I end up having a ton of fun receiving new information, making sense of things that were kind of funky, letting go of bad relationship patterns without ending the relationship.

And that's a fucking great vibe!

I will also test out things, relationships or situations I have my own doubts or funky energy about. And without fear, I usually get to mend, maintain, enhance, and not lose anything at all. I get to see things differently, I get a second chance.

That’s how I approach retrogrades too. I love having the chance to revisit something I have unfinished business with. I love to sometimes reconnect with things or people that had faded away but might be more than welcome (back) into my world.

I even love getting the weird messages and reminders from the past, maybe to realize how far I’ve actually come. Like... ugh, the fact that this ex is reaching out might be embarrasing and weird, but also, knowing you have raised your standards a lot and would never repeat such mistakes is a testament to your growth, and a a reminder to block on all platforms. 🤣

the bottom line (always) is:


You’re never powerless.

No one or no thing is out to get you.

Fear based superstitions get a lot of views, but they’re forever and always, absolute BS.

And finally, when there’s an eclipse or major retrograde and you step up to your cosmic team, whatever you call it, with a trusting heart and maybe even a playful spirit, you show up with your best energy.

You show up with unshakeable faith.

You show up ready for miracles.

And when you’re ready for them, they’re always ready for you too.

I'll leave that here now. Stay in your power, do the work and watch the miracles roll in.

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