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New Year Tarot Spread

Looking for a little clarity into the new year? Here's my infaillible Tarot Spread for the year. I designed this spread at the end of 2020. A year that could not end fast enough. For many of us, it has been one of the most challenging years of our lives. We needed all the rituals and tarot readings we could get to end this thing. Maybe we still need them.

This simple New Year Tarot spread can help any beginner or advanced reader get ready for what comes next.

This spread is mostly for guidance if you keep it general. But you can also use it for more specific predictions as explained below and turn this 6 card spread into an 18 card reading.

This post has been updated Dec. 28 2023

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There are two main ways you can use this spread.

You can do this spread to get a general overview of what will be in store in the coming year and get general guidance about what to focus on and what will be in the spotlight.

You can also do this spread for each specific area of your life and repeat it for love, career, finances and any other broad topic on your mind like a specific relationship or an arts project for example.

The way I prefer to do it is to first do a general reading using and then dive deeper into areas that I'm more curious about.

This New Year Tarot Spread Can Be General Or Specific

For each semester, the first card is completed by the one you'll cover it with. That means the first card holds more weight and will influence the other, not the other way around.

So, if you're doing a general reading without assigning a specific topic to it, the first card will give you information on the area of your life that will be most important or will require the most attention.

For example:

Card 1 = The Magician

Card 2 = The Sun

The theme here would most likely be work, the Sun is sending good news your way regarding this area of your life.

Repeat this for both semesters.

The 5th card is the main energy at play for you in this new year. You'll get a sense of what the atmosphere will be like (changes, stability, opportunities etc.).

The 6th card will be your main guidance and advice for the year. It could come in the form of a warning or advice. Try to spend some time with it by meditating with this card and fully soaking in its message.

Dive Deeper with this Spread

This spread is designed so that it can be covered for more insights. This means that once you have all 6 cards, you can cover each of them once or even twice. That's your max though.

Ideally, you'll want to use the major arcana for this spread. It is then my personal preference to cover with minor arcana cards for more details.

If you're not fully comfortable with the minor cards, just use the full deck or major cards only. Again, there is no dogma around here :) Not on my watch. Do what feels comfortable to you while my advice would be:

  • Round 1 of the spread, use major cards only

  • Round 2 and 3, use the minor arcana for timing, details, people involved etc.

The structure of this spread makes it super easy to read and take notes while building up toward a very deep and insightful session. Make sure to spend some time with each set of cards (semester 1, 2, card of the year, advice) to let all the info really sink in.

A very happy, blessed, joyful and healthy new year to you, wherever you are and whatever you are going through. You got this. ✨

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