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5 Golden Rules of Tarot Reading

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

As part of my work as a Tarot teacher and reader I like to make lists, prepare exercises and…infographics! These are so helpful to memorise key ideas and notions.

Here is one simple reminder of – what I consider to be – the 5 golden rules of Tarot Reading. There are others we could add but these are umbrellas under which you should have the main ethical aspects covered:

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True knowledge comes with studying. Even if you’re intuitive and talented you will need to learn Tarot. This tool has been created centuries ago and  constantly enriched and rediscovered since then. Tarot requires an understanding of elements of philosophy, history, arts. It’s a complex tool. Read as many books as you can. Take advice from respected and experienced readers.


When you read for someone or even yourself, don’t twist the message of the cards. Consider yourself the messenger. Not the one who decides. But never affirm something terrible and let a stranger leave with information they can’t possibly process. Be honest but don’t be brutal. Tarot is a tool for guidance above all, never a definitive sentence. In each card, you can find at least 3 pieces of advice every time. In a difficult situation, look out for those and don’t forget that free will exists at all times. A problem always mirrors a solution.


Respecting the cards is key. If you do not take a reading seriously, the cards will not respond seriously. It’s simple. You need to respect the cards, yourself as a reader and of course, the questioner. By preparing a clean and clear area dedicated to your readings you are already showing respect.

Don’t read for people who speak poorly of the craft or take it as a joke. Some people will ask you to read the cards while stating that it’s bs and that they don’t believe. Don’t allow their energy in until they are willing to be respectful. It’s usually easier than you’d think as their apparent lack of respect often translates basic insecurity.


You’ve read several books, you’ve practiced for years. And yet this time when drawing the 3 of Cups you can’t help but feel that something’s wrong. Well something probably is. Listen to your guts. Try to find more clues. Don’t go against your intuition. Try to understand it and let the reading unfold. Never go against the vibes and energies you’re picking up as they are always 100% correct.


Being ethical and building trust go hand in hand. Questioners may come with serious problems on their hands. You have a responsibility towards them. Be kind. Be true. Be helpful. Don’t promise things just to make them feel better. Don’t paint everything black either.

Don’t try and diagnose someone who has health problems but rather help them deal with the problem on the emotional and spiritual level while directing them towards a medical professional as well. It’s all common sense but there are many vulnerable people out there. And many unethical people using “craft” or “magick” to help nothing but their bank accounts. Compassion and truth are everything.

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