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Tarot Spread Tutorial for the Month ahead (+ June reading!)

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Hey my lovelies, it's been a minute since our last tutorial and there's no better time than now for a Tarot spread for the month tutorial, with June being one of the most magical and crucial months of the year.

Tarot Spread tutorial for the month ahead

June 1st itself will be magical in many ways with the North Node being in conjunction with Jupiter (which is currently in Taurus) and then we have a full moon in Sagittarius on the 3rd. This is an intense and highly positive start into the month. Get your pens out and work on that vision board, script at sunset... do the thing!

Also, be sure to take time off to rest and refresh. I've been guilty of working myself dry these days and had to remind myself that ummm... I'm a spiritual teacher who knows better and forcefully took a half day off to garden and lie in the Sun. We all need self-care reminders! Consider this yours.

Ok, now to the month Tarot Spread Tutorial. This is a good one so let me know how you feel after trying it out by leaving a comment below.

June being the 6th month of the year, let's do a 6 cards reading.

But you can obviously use this any time of the year. This is just me not missing a single opportunity for alignment and cosmic winks.

See the tutorial below on how to do this Tarot spread and scroll down for a little reading for June 2023 for our gorgeous community here.

Tarot Spread for the Month Tutorial

Here's how to do and read this Tarot Spread for the Month. Note that there are many existing spreads for a monthly or weekly reading, this is the one I created for this season but you can use the structure and make small personal changes that may fit your specific situation best. Remember to own your reading and don't be afraid to experiment :)

A custom tarot spread for the month

Card 1 - The Vibe of the Month

The general expected vibe you can expect. This is part you, part your environment and all the cosmic shenanigans up in the skies including retrogrades, eclipses and whatever our friend the Moon might be up to. Therefore, some may be within your control, but some of it absolutely isn't and that's okay. Just take note so you can best navigate the month ahead.

Card 2 - The Theme of the Month

This is your personal theme for the month. It's going to be front and center, there will be actions to take, maybe issues to resolve etc. Make sure to focus on this and see what may need to be done or how this specific spotlight can serve you.

Card 3 - Your Cosmic Tip

This is a piece of advice from the cards based on the vibes and themes for the month. If there's something to be aware of, this is where the cards will speak. It may also be an extra good tip on how to make the most of the opportunities that will arise over the next 30 days.

Card 4 - Action(s) to Take

Meditation is the best but sometimes we have to get back to the real world and make things happen with our own two hands. What absolutely must be on your to-do list this month to stay on track and achieve your goals? This is it.

Card 5 - Requires your Attention

The cards want you to keep this in mind and sight. Did you give up on a dream? Did you forget to communicate with someone? Do you have some paperwork that needs to be done or filed? Make sure you're not letting something important slip through the cracks.

Card 6 - Your Main Prediction

This is what you next month is made of! This card is a pure prediction of a main event or achievement for the month. This card speaks of something well advanced momentum wise so it's happening. If it's something you're looking forward to, rejoice! If it's something a little more challenging, now you've been warned and you can duck while focusing on a better momentum for yourself.

I would not advise to cover this whole spread but the last card could be covered once for more insights and details regarding your main prediction.

June Tarot Reading

And here's this spread in action (you know what I mean lol)

Tarot Reading for June

Tarot Reading for June 2023. This reading is intended as a general vibe check for our little community. The full tutorial is up on the blog if you want to try and do it for yourself or a friend. And for more insights, you can currently book a reading with me HERE.

So, here's our Tarot message for June 2023.

Card 1 - Vibe of the Month

With the Queen of Pentacles, this month is all about manifestations being taken seriously and especially in the financial/material realm. The vibe is very much about lifestyle, luxury, home improvement, financial growth etc. Which makes a lot of sense given the crazy astro set up we'll be observing.

Card 2 - Theme of the Month

The World says our main theme here will be to actually consider what our world is made of. Our home, friends, habits, beliefs, etc. We may find ourselves considering big changes or simply inspired to make it much better in order to optimize the second half of the year, which is upon us.

Card 3 - A Cosmic Tip

With the 5 of Swords, the Universe wants you to know that you must stand your ground but the hardest part is now over. If you've been in a specific struggle or conflict until now, it's time to let go of that stress and move forward by focusing on more positive ventures. This issue does not deserve more of your energy at this point.

Card 4 - Action(s) to Take

The Knight of Pentacles, here to serve the Queen, tells you to go after what you want now that the stars are aligned. There'll be much rewards for your efforts and going on a little adventure will benefit you. This can mean asking for a raise, starting a new project, writing that book. It's time to be serious about your goals, it won't be for nothing!

Card 5 - Requires Your Attention

The Wheel calls your attention to all the shifts and changes around you. Some may be subtle, others not so much. Nothing for you to do here, the Wheel is in motion and there's only to observe. Just keep an eye on the trends that concern you, the new openings around you etc.

Card 6 - Main Prediction

The Ace of Pentacles confirms that with the vibe of the Queen surrounding the efforts of the Knight, there are some huge rewards in sight! It's really time to take those manifestations seriously and see how far you can go once you put those wings on your dream.

Let me know if you try it on yourself and if this resonates with you by leaving a comment below! Thanks for stopping by and keep browsing the blog, there's so much fun content waiting for you and I'm so happy you're here 💜 💜

Take care,

Lou x

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