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Tarot Tutorial: 2 Cards Tarot Reading for Guidance

I'm a big fan of simple Tarot spreads. Despite my many years of experience and ability to create custom spreads or do massive classic ones for my clients, I find that sharing simple 2 or 3 cards spreads remains one of the most powerful ways to introduce people to Tarot.

More importantly, small spreads help achieve what Tarot is often most needed for: clarity.

Clarity is at the center of what I do. Often, my clients come to me for Tarot and/or coaching, not necessarily for a prediction - that's the premise - but to see clearer. Hence my motto: See clearer, feel better.

We all love a Celtic Cross or Life Path reading but they're not spreads that should be used every week or every day. Yet Tarot can absolutely be a daily ally and that's where smaller spreads can work their magic.

Here is a simple tutorial to use 2 cards for immediate guidance, an easy little exercise for beginners or those in need of clarity and inspiration. \


This 2 cards spread is meant to give you an impulse, encourage you to see the path differently and take action based on your current energy. It does not come with a definitive prediction, which can be a relief when we're stuck in a difficult situation or feel too vulnerable in a given moment.

The goal is to be inspired, not to feel forced or "condemned" by a hard prediction.

For this spread, use the full deck and shuffle your cards while trying to quiet your mind. The spread is not hard, but doing it right requires a little focus.

I like to shuffle the cards for several minutes while focusing on my breath and enter a slightly meditative state.

Once your mind is quiet and you feel connected to the deck without expectations or questions, cut your deck with your left hand and put aside the top half. You will now only use the second part of the deck.

Lay the cards in front of you and continue to focus on your breath, steer clear from specific questions*.

When you feel ready, draw a first card and place it in front of you, facing up. Let a first message and intuition come up for a few seconds after this card is revealed, then promptly choose a second card.

The first card tells you what impulse to follow, what kind of action to take. It could be taking a leap of Faith with the Fool (in the example at the top of this page), it could be the need to take a break and go back to your roots and remember the child within, like in the example below.

The second card shows you the benefit that will come from this action. It is a prediction but one entirely based on the condition of the first card. That's the beauty of this spread: it is empowering, you stay in control. YOU decide if you want to actually go ahead or not.

Always feel free to take any spread and make it yours, use it in a way that resonates with you.

This simple 2 card spread is incredibly powerful and one of my go to's in times of confusion or when a choice needs to be made. It takes away the stress that can sometimes come with a bigger reading when one feels especially vulnerable or confused. It clears up the air and brings inspiration and guidance to the table without pressure.

*In this tutorial, the goal is to receive clear inspiration to be able to take action. But you can use the same technique to focus on a specific topic like love, career or living situation for example. You can ask a question but then the vibe will be slightly different. Always feel free to take any spread and make it yours, use it in a way that resonates with you. That's what it's all about.

Let me know in the comments below if you tried this reading for yourself and what you thought about it!

Take care,

Lou x

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