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Nature's Wisdom Oracle Deck Review

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

The Nature's Wisdom oracle deck is an original creation made of 48 cards inspired by Mother Nature mixing animals, flowers, plants and even mushrooms or pines to provide guidance and messages for our daily life.

Overall Look and Feel

It took me a second to get into this deck - it happens with me and oracles because it is a new system each time - but once I did, I fell in love. As a fan of mother nature and symbolism, the creator of the deck Mindy Lighthipe hit the nail right on the head. The Nature's Oracle deck may looks and feel simple and maybe even naive (in a good way). But it actually goes pretty deep and is perfect for general guidance, meditations and daily inspiration.

Companion Book

The booklet that comes with the deck is pretty small and compact but very useful. Each card gets a page with a little information about the symbolism of the animal or plant in question and how this can be turned into a message or call to action in our daily life.

Each animal comes with a specific trait, which is something that can be meditated upon or be an answer to a specific question. Animals, like humans, have consistent characters and traits and this association feels both natural and accurate.

The companion book justifies each choice with a little background information, which is both inspiring and educational.

Flowers and natural objects are association with important feelings and emotions as well as phases or our lives. Again, this feels instinctively right as flowers come and come, die and are reborn. Just like our obsessions, joys, fears and happiness.

This deck is:

light hearted

easy to connect with


great for healing


I have started to use this Oracle more and more often as it is perfect for guidance, especially when working with someone who is currently fragile. It is perfect for some of my coaching sessions as it is judgement-free and packed with inspiration to grow and heal.

I love that the back of each card is a painted leaf. When turning your cards for a reading it's like turning a leaf in the forest: not knowing what wonder will lie underneath.

Since this is not a Tarot deck, I use it for guidance with questions such as:

  • What should I focus on right now?

  • What is today's message?

  • Which trait of mine can I work on to improve my life?

Keeping things very general with this deck leads to beautiful moments of introspection and mediation. Those can be truly enlightening and healing.

A great addition to your oracle collection, especially for lover of nature and readings that connect to the earth and its magic.

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