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Tarot Cards Announcing Marriage and Civil Union

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Predicting an actual marriage is not always a straight forward task. While it’s fairly clear to see a partnership or true love story, there must be a context or very specific associations to say “bingo! this is a marriage”. Signed, sealed, delivered.

But some Tarot Cards announcing marriage or an official union, or simply related to happiness, family (and contracts!) can help you foresee this happy day in your future.

Tarot cards announcing marriage justice and cups

There are two major aspects to foreseeing a marriage in your Tarot reading: A Union of Love and Official Matters. If we are looking at an actual marriage, then the law and often religious authorities are involved. Hello Justice and the Hierophant!

There are different ways to predict a marriage with Tarot. But the top 3 cards you will want to look out for are the following ones:


The Ace of Cups is the ultimate built-to-last-happy-relationship-with-the-one card. Yes, all of that. In traditional Marseille readings, it is the holy grail and nothing less. In a love spread, the Ace of Cups is a sign that you have found your one true love, maybe even your soul mate. It also holds messages of a long lasting relationship, a balanced family life, abundance and (bingo!) sacred unions.


If you are to sign a contract, you want to see Justice in your spread. Moving in together, signing a common lease, opening a joint account and of course, getting officially married are all love-related contracts announced by the fair figure of Justice. The positive or negative impact of these contracts will be shown in the neighbouring cards. Justice in itself is a neutral and fair card that is highly influenced by the spread it finds itself in.

Love Tarot Reading


The Two of Cups is the card of love and relationships even more so than the Ace of Cups, which is stronger. It speaks of a union, a partnership. The Two of Cups also speaks of a time of transition where passion and physical attraction solidify into strong long-lasting feelings. If the proposal has already been made, it guarantees a happy marriage. With the King of Batons or Pentacles, the marriage is also bound to be a source of prosperity or a social step up.

Yes, that’s a lot of Cups, but that’s a big part of their job. If you are reading without the minor arcana, then you’ll want to look out for specific positive and authority-related cards such as Justice, the Hierophant, the World or the Sun for example.

Tarot cards announcing marriage cups


More Cups! This Ten is especially encouraging when reading about a possible proposal. Like all 10s, it speaks of a peak, a cycle ending and a new one beginning. In a positive way. Your relationship is growing and evolving. Home and family matters receive favourable answers.

The strength of the highest number with the positive influence of the Cups speak of happiness, fulfilment and joy in the every day life.

Figures and court cards (Kings, Queens etc.) can also answer your questions about marriage and civil unions.

It always depends on how the question is formulated in the first place or the topic of your session in general. For instance, a “couple” in your spread such as the Emperor and the Empress or the Hierophant and High Priestess are also a good hint.

tarot cards for marriage emperor empress

In the Marseille tradition, the Hierophant and High Priestess represent the “official” couple as recognized by the law and society. They often are fatherly and motherly figures too and can already hint at not only marriage but also children.

That’s where the neighbouring  cards will play a huge part in clarifying the nature of the prediction.

A Queen and King of Cups (Love) or Queen and King of Pentacles (Home) are also favourable combinations to look out for.

Knights, especially the Knight of Cups, can also be the bearer of good news. He is typically the one announcing a proposal (but not the marriage itself). The Knight of Pentacles – home & family – and Wands – new beginnings and social recognition – can also work, depending on their neighbouring cards.

If the Sun, Justice or World are nearby, then you can expect your dream of proposal (and marriage) to come true.

knight justice sun tarot cards announcing marriage

Here is an example:

The 3 Cards spread above is one of the most perfect answers you could possibly get when asking about marriage in your future:

The Knight of Cups brings the good news into your life: the proposal.

Justice confirms that this proposal is more than a spoken agreement and becomes an official contract in the eyes of the law and society.

And finally, the Sun ensures a strong partnership and happy marriage based on equality, joy in the every day life and cosmic protection for the couple.

The key is always to formulate your question as clearly as possible. That’s true for any question but especially those that call for a specific answer while remaining open. If you are a beginner, I kindly advise you to follow a given spread that has proven to work. Ideally, start with a simple spread of one, two or three cards and no more or you may find yourself confused by a profusion of information.

Do you have any tips about this topic? If you do, feel free to share in the comments section!

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