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Tarot Cards Announcing a Pregnancy

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

It’s a question that many of my female sitters have. Often at the end of a reading: Are children in the cards for me?

To answer this question you’ll want to look out for specific tarot cards announcing pregnancy. In the near or far away future.*

Here are some cards that are straight up “yes” for such questions as well as encouraging figures for women in general.

tarot cards pregnancy empress queen

Queen of Swords

On her own, she does not necessarily announce a pregnancy but if your question is directly related to that, her answer is favourable. Depending on the neighbouring cards, we’ll get a lot of information from the Queen of Swords.

When drawn upside she is a positive figure who can overcome difficulties that may arise. It’s only reversed that she sometimes speak of an undesired pregnancy or issues that’ll need addressing.

Despite the bad rep of the Swords, the Queen is a strong ally during a pregnancy and for someone wishing to have children.

Queen of Pentacles

The earth, the harvest and domestic life. These are some of the subjects she brings to the table.

While not pregnant herself, the Queen of Pentacles usually holds a large coin or other round object. The symbolism is as obvious as it seems. In the context of a reading on pregnancy and child wishes, she is definitely a positive card that stands for fertility.

Queen of Cups

Another Queen (well, they are our strongest allies)! The Queen of Cups most definitely speaks of happiness in love and at home.

If your question is about a future pregnancy, then the Queen of Cups is a most positive answer.

She is also welcome if you are pregnant and possibly worried. Just like the Queen of Pentacles, she acts as a protector of the home and for your health. Your worries won’t last.

3 of Cups

The 3 of Cups is the card of wishes granted as well as domestic happiness. It’s also very literally the birth that is given to a 3rd by the union of 2 cups. The spark needed to start a young/new family.

tarot cards for pregnancy with priestess world moon

Ace of Cups

The Ace announces happiness in the home and family. If your dream is to have children and the Ace of Cups (also known as the Grail) pops up, there is no doubt that you’ll be granted your wish. In general, aces speak of sparks and beginnings and hold the very essence of the court they belong to.

This makes the Ace of Cups one of the best possible cards of all.

For questions about pregnancy, this is a loud and clear yes.

Ace of Batons

The Ace of Batons speaks of sparks and new beginnings. With its very masculine symbolism, it can also announce the conception of a child. Especially surrounded by Cups or Water related cards (Moon, High Priestess). Batons (or Wands) also speed up the process and prediction.

Careful though if darker cards surround this Ace, you may have to overcome serious obstacles to realise your dream.

The World

The World is the card of achievement and fulfilment. The end of a journey. If your question is “will I have a child?”, then the World is a bright and powerful yes.

Not only are children announced, but balance at home and solid family foundations too.

This card also reveals the possibility of not just one, but several children. If your wish is a bigger family, then the World is one of the best card you can get.

High Priestess

The High Priestess is, in the Marseille tradition, the card symbolizing the mother. She’s a woman who is more than just that: she understands ultimate life experiences. One of them being child birth.

Associated with Cups, the Pope or the Moon, you’ll have a positive answer to your question.

tarot cards for pregnancy with star ace cups 3

The Moon

Often dreaded and misunderstood, but also highly attractive, the Moon is the card of maternity.

It’s the ultimate “female energy” card associated with the cycles of the Moon (and our female cycles too), the Water, the night and the power of emotions. In a spread dedicated to pregnancy, the Moon is very much welcomed, especially if surrounded by positive or neutral cards, or simply drawn on its own. The Moon speaks of what goes on under the surface, of the unseen. Like Conception (for a few weeks at least).

The Empress

In the RWS tradition, the Empress is a mother. And many decks depict her as either pregnant or at least maternal.

She is definitely connected to the earth. But originally, this connection was mostly due to her pragmatism and understanding of the material world. She is the other side of the High Priestess, the one ruling over what is tangible.

But since so many decks have pushed the Empress in the direction of motherhood, it is now largely accepted to see her as the announcement of childbirth, especially when drawn in that specific context. Depending on your deck and chosen tradition, you may or may not see her as pregnant, but she always brings strength and determination to a female sitter.

Other positive tarot cards announcing a pregnancy, or pointing in the right direction, include:

4 of Wands (domestic life, happiness)

9 of Cups (happiness at home, joy, fertility)

10 of Cups (emotional bliss, fulfilment)

the Star (dreams come true, good health)


*Keep in mind, these cards announce children and family blessings in your future in the right context.

They are not a substitute for a pregnancy test: if you believe you are currently pregnant, take a test and talk to your doctor.

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2 commentaires

I asked a yes or no question if I was currently pregnant and the Strength card upright flew out. I know this to be a yes, and these past few weeks I have asked and have repeatedly got a "YES" card. I'm almost 48,& this wasn't planned. I even have a tubal I had done 20 years ago. Today, because I have been throwing up now, but too terrified of taking an actual pregnancy test, asked if I would carry this baby to term and got The Hierophant, another Yes, I asked,If this baby was part of my spiritual path,I got The Star, another Yes! I then asked the question about the father, Would he wants this baby, ( I,in…


I asked tarot if I was pregnant and got the knight of Wanda 4 of wands and high priestess what does this mean

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