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Tarot Spread for the Week Tutorial – An Easy Spread for 7 Days

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Tarot can help untangle crazy situations, foresee issues to come or reassure you about anything on your mind. But one thing Tarot is also great for is simple spreads and general guidance. This simple Tarot Spread for the Week Tutorial will show you how to use 9 cards to plan and get ready for the week ahead.

It’s perfect for beginners as it will help you improve your reading skills with little at stake and you can easily do it for yourself.


Tip: always proceed to your reading on a clear and clean table or cloth on the floor. Never read in the middle of a messy area.

Before you start you must set your own rules: Are you reading on a Tuesday for the 7 days to come? Then card 1 is for Wednesday. Are you reading on a Tuesday for the ongoing week? Then card 1 is for Monday (yesterday).

Don’t decide once you see the cards…it would alter your reading.

tarot spread week tutorial


The first seven cards are for each day of the week.

Each of the first 7 cards will give you a general idea of the main focus or vibe of the day. The seven cards together will then give you a deeper reading of what is at stake this week.

I use card 8 to underline or shed light on the general tendency for the week. Just use the main aspects of the card to read it, don’t go too far unless your guts tell you so.

Example: if card 8 is a Wand, then focus could most likely be your work and social life. If it’s a Cup, it’ll be family, love or health. If it’s a super positive card like the 3 of cups, then your week will be happy & joyful!

Card 9 is the advice for the week. For instance the Hermit will tell you to make the most of your alone or studying time. The Fool could be telling you to take risks and go out there, take a leap of faith. Judgement could mean that you need to communicate more with others, maybe get in touch with old friends etc.

This reading really is as simple as that and it’s a great routine for your Sunday evening. I also recommend to write down the cards that you drew so that you can get back to them during the week and understand their message better as things unfold.

Do you keep a Tarot journal? Maybe that’s how you can start one. Doing so will also sharpen your reading skills.


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