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Things Not to Ask Tarot

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

There is an entire mythology built around Tarot. One common mistake is to think that a Tarot session will solve all your problems and give you precise dates about everything that happens next. If anything in the world could solve a person's problem in 60 minutes, this would be known by all. Solving any issue requires a minimum of efforts and thinking. That's life, that's the truth.

Does it mean Tarot cannot help you? Oh gosh, no! Tarot can and will help you beautifully! But here's a few things you should not ask in a Tarot reading. Don't let it bring you down, I'll also give you tips on how to formulate your questions and receive the best guidance possible.

1 - Precise questions about a person who is not there.

As in...indiscreet questions. First: how would you like it if someone did this with you? It's normal to be curious, but there's also a line to be drawn. If you need to know something about someone, for instance if they are a positive influence in your life, this will come up in the reading.

2 - What's the winning lottery number?

If I knew, if any Tarot reader or fortune teller in the world knew...we would have been spotted by now. Because we would be so rich. And we'd read cards directly from our private islands. Tarot is a tool for guidance. It's great for coaching and to understand the energies surrounding you. It will not tell you the exact date of your wedding, the name of your next boyfriend or the credit card code of your ex-husband. That's maybe for the best ;)

Sorry I can't help you find your keys!

3- An Exact Date.

If I had a crystal for every time I had to explain a sitter that no, I can not tell them exactly which day this year they will meet their new boyfriend and when exactly that letter will arrive... I could open my own crystal shop. Sometimes they get angry. Well tough titties! Once again, Tarot gives you predictions and guidance but it also takes real life and free will into consideration. Doors remain open. Tarot can give you an indication regarding timing (within 3 months, before the Fall, sometimes even more precise in certain contexts), but don't go to a reader asking for the date of your wedding. If they answer, they are either a very gifted psychic (which is different from Tarot reading) or they are a scam. Only one way to find out.

4 - Any direct medical question.

You might say, this leaves a ton of important things out of a reading. But there's a reason why doctors study for so long and work in very regulated systems. Hurray for that! While a Tarot reading can give you advice on how to deal with a medical problem on a personal and emotional level, it is not a tool for diagnosis or treatment.

5 - Will my neighbour stop watching television so loud?

Or any question about parking spaces, lost keys, grocery shopping etc. This goes hand in hand with one of my 5 Golden Rules of Tarot: Respect the cards. They are precious and their guidance goes deep. For the Tarot reader, a session takes a huge amount of energy. Focus on soul searching and enlightenment.

But I can help you find a way.

6 - How will I die? (and When?)

Well, can Tarot say? Maybe. Will a serious and ethical reader answer this? I don't think so. It's an unhealthy question. Did a reader already tell you? Sorry, you just wasted your money. This also applies to the death of others...obvs.

So what can we ask?

How should we formulate our questions? Well, that's where the magic is.

Focus on a theme, not on a specific date/object. For instance, you may ask about the future of your professional life: "How will my position in this company evolve?" instead of "will I get a 10K or 15K raise?".

Here are a few examples of how to properly formulate your question:

"will my relationship evolve in a positive way?" "how can I find emotional balance again?" "what are the obstacles to overcome to achieve this project?" "do I need to change things in my life to achieve my goals?"

Tarot will then decide what we should be looking at. Which aspects of your life or personality needs to be focused on.

Trust the cards and accept them for what they are. Sometimes the answer is very precise and easy to understand. But sometimes it will require some further soul searching. And this, actually, is the greatest gift of Tarot.

✨ Questions on your mind? You can book your session directly with me right here

Take care,

Lou x

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