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Most Important Advice for Your Tarot Reading

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

One thing that I have realised is crucial when you're about to ask something to a reader (or read for yourself!) is that you must ask yourself this: am I ready for the answer? Am I ready for the truth? This is by far the most important advice for your Tarot reading.

Be honest with yourself and your reader. If you can only take one specific answer, you're not ready to ask the question. And that's okay. There are ways to fix this.

I remember a long time ago I had my heart broken in a million pieces. And I turned to my mother for a reading. But I only wanted to hear one thing: that he would come back. NOTHING ELSE. I was so hurt and depressed I was in no way able to take any other answer or prediction (not even a good one that would not include him). I was so pushy when asking if he would come back that I recognize now, it was impossible for her to do a proper reading. She did her best and wrapped things up in maybes and best intentions but I just did not let her do her job. It's like going to the dentist and refusing to open your mouth.

That's okay. I don't blame myself, I was hurt, but I learned a lesson. And I wanted to share that lesson with you today.

I was just planning a video session earlier with a client and was about to send her some recommendations to prepare for the reading. And I thought: ask yourself what you can and cannot hear. It doesn't mean you cannot have a reading! But you may focus on guidance rather than predictions, or on long term predictions rather than immediate answers. That is one great way to minimize the pressure you put on yourself and the deck.

There are so many ways to use the cards for guidance, coaching, spiritual growth that they can always shine a light and help. Predictions are always available but never mandatory. Know your limits, know what you can or cannot hear at a particular time.

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But wait. You Said You Believed in Free Will and Manifestations

Yes! And I'll say it again. Sometimes you'll be currently manifesting a break up, a low point in your career or else. And reinforcing this energy with a confirmation from the cards may be a lot for someone to overcome. The cards don't lie. They also don't sentence you to a specific fate.

The cards read your energy and tell you where you stand on your path. But you are the one doing the walking, the turning around, the getting lost or taking detours. This is what the cards do for you: they can tell you if you are on the wrong or right path towards what you want. If the answer is no, you can work to change the narrative. But you have to be in a serene enough headspace to start that work and to simply accept and re-align yourself. The second thing they do is give you guidance.

What is Guidance Anyway?

The way I use the word in the context of Tarot and my sessions, guidance equals spiritual coaching. It's the way the cards tell you to take a left, a right or a break based on your highest self's best interest. It's like getting advice from someone who is your best friend, a life coach and spiritual therapist: that's what a Tarot deck is. It is one of the most ancient and loved tools for self-development for this very reason.

So before you face your deck or schedule a session with your Tarot reader, ask yourself what you currently need and also what you are willing and able to hear at this point in time. Your feelings are not only valid, they will help you make the most of your reading based on where you are in life right now. One day and one card at a time.

Let me know if you've ever struggled hearing the answers to a reading or what tips you'd like to share for others by leaving a comment below! :)

Take care,


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