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Using Tarot for Online Dating

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Have you recently started chatting with someone and really clicked? Without getting an actual vibe like on a regular first date or when meeting someone at work or the grocery store (it happens!), it can be hard to know what’s what.

Using Tarot for online dating can help you see clearer and decide whether or not you should take this further.

When things start to feel real, questions start to come up: Is he/she being honest? Should I meet this person in real life? Will they he/she let me down? Is this person manipulating me?

Be sure that the deck will be there to provide some much needed guidance.


Here are some simple and reasonable questions to ask Tarot while you’re talking with someone online. These questions won’t put too much pressure on you yet provide with much more information than what you simply asked for. I recommend doing 3 cards readings for such questions. 2 cards associations work. Keep it short and sweet.

You can also scroll down for a more general reading tutorial.

Is he being honest with me?

A good way to confirm if your virtual feeling matches his/her intentions. Some people are very good behind a screen, not so much in real life. The cards can help you get a sense of who’s really behind the chat.

Does he have feelings for me?

This formulation gives enough room for a reasonable answer. It is better than to ask how strong his/her love is. The person you’re chatting with may not yet be in love with you yet but it doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings or a serious little crush.

Is it a good idea to meet in person?

If you want to take this further, you’ll have to meet eventually. The cards can tell you if meeting is going to be worth it. If the cards turn out too negative or sprinkled with warnings, you may want to wait a little bit more and see how things evolve first.

What can I expect from this relationship?

Again, this question is general enough to leave room for a reasonable answer and guidance too. Is this worth working on? Can something good and/or serious come out of it? It’s a better way to gauge the value of this relation rather than ask about marriage and children yet.

Don’t go into much more detailed questions for now. The cards will naturally give you more information with such questions. But you’ll start with a bigger picture, instead of asking for the date of the wedding. With Tarot just like in Love and Life: start with the beginning and let the cards set the scene.

using tarot for online dating tips and spread tutorial


You may really, really like this person. And feel very enthusiastic. But don’t forget: you haven’t met. What if you can’t stand their annoying little habits? What if there’s no chemistry between you? Or what if it’s simply too soon to really tell because things are still shaping up? As long as things are still virtual, there are questions that may not be ideal to ask your deck.

Such as the questions below.

Will we get married?

Too soon. At this point in the relationship, you may get cards that are highly positive and think that this must be the sign of your wedding day. But it may just be something else. And if you are reading for yourself with high hopes in mind, you are most likely to get confused. Asking such an important question at this stage is not the best call. Pace yourself and try to meet them first.

Will we have children together?

Same as above. While the cards could technically answer this, it is too soon to take the chance for such a heavy question.

How should we first meet? (too specific)

Tarot will not tell you if coffee and bagels or dinner and a movie will work best. Tarot is a tool for guidance and predictions. It can help you foresee how you first encounters may go. But you will have to decide how to make it happen.

Does he love me like I love him?

Well…you don’t really know how and if this person loves you anyway. This may be a very intense way of looking at it. Instead, try one of the questions in the first section such as “does he/she have feelings for me?”. You could also ask more generally about his intentions.

Tarot can really help you make big decisions once you realise you actually developed a real crush for someone you met online. Just like with any relation, your session will help you more if you ask sensible questions.

You could also decide to do a more generic spread rather than asking specific questions. A love reading including a charged card representing your online crush is a solid option for example.

Here is a simple general reading to learn more about your online crush.

using tarot for online dating easy tutorial by Tarot Parlor

CARD 1 – Current State of the Relationship

This first card will tell you where you truly stand now. This will either confirm that you are on the same page or let you know if there are any possible misunderstandings.

CARD 2 – Potential

The second card will tell you what the potential of this relation is. Is it more of a fling? Could it become more? What is the essence of it?

CARD 3 – Next Step

The third card tells you what the next step will be. It could be to intensify your online communication, to consider a first date or maybe to take things a little slower.

CARD 4 – Outcome

The last card will tell you about the foreseeable outcome based on the current state of the relation and the advices and information you’ve just received in this spread.

Finally, I would really advise to do this spread for the online crush that is really important to you. You may exhaust the cards or simply receive irrelevant messages if reading for every person who engaged in simple chit chat.

Make sure the timing is right to really look into it.

And if you need help with your reading, you can book your session directly with me right here

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