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Am I ready to Open a Tarot Business?

Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Tarot is such a popular tool and a very common hobby. But when do you know that you are ready to take that extra step and start running your very own Tarot Business? There are many pros and cons when it comes to reading the cards professionally. If you're currently considering that option, this article is for you! Reading Tarot for clients is not for the faint of heart but it's also insanely gratifying and a beautiful way to serve.

Here are some questions to consider before launching your Tarot Business and feel good about your decision.

1. Do I Have the Expertise?

Of course you want to start by asking yourself if you have the reading skills and Tarot expertise to read for others and be legit. The obvious reason is that this is the only way to provide a great service and offer quality readings to your clients. The other reason is feeling confident about your craft will help you deal with all the little challenges that can come up in the life and practice of a spiritual entrepreneur.

Really be honest about this and ask yourself if you feel comfortable enough with your deck to tackle long and sometimes difficult conversations about important life decisions with people who rely on your expertise.

Have you studied the deck for long enough? Have you practiced the same spreads over and over, and maybe invented your own? Do you feel solid about your understanding of the meanings of the cards, their symbolism and associated predictions?

If so... on to the next question! And if not, keep studying ✨✨✨

2. Can I Read for Others?

Have you read for other people yet? Reading for yourself and reading for others is an entirely different experience. I highly recommend that you practice on friends and family...including people who may be more challenging to read for.

A little practice is crucial and will help you approach different issues, types of questions or reactions that commonly come up during readings.

3. Do I Have a Plan?

What do you want to achieve as a professional reader and what is your goal? Reading for a little cash or starting a legit business are two different things that will require different approaches.

You can start a business from the ground, which will be your main source of income, become a speaker and teacher or simply read as a side hustle.

Get clear on what you want and what feels realistic to you as you will not need the same tools and energy for these very different practices.

4. Do I Have the Right Mindset?

Being a spiritual entrepreneur is a unique lifestyle that requires a strong and specific mindset.

I talk about this quite a lot in my online course "How to Start Your Tarot Business" because it truly is one of the most important things that will make all the difference between a long term success and a short lived venture.

Mastering the right mindset is essential because when you put yourself out there, in world that is so unregulated, where a sea of desperate people meet streams of highly enlightened ones... believe me, you best be ready! People will come at you online via comments on social media, some clients will try to bust through any healthy boundaries that you set, haters will try and shame you for your prices etc. The list goes on! I received a lot of messages of people complaining that I have not yet created this or that content (for free, of course) or see very ignorant comments by people who are not Tarot experts, just hating on my Pinterest posts. I could give a crap... Or I can continue doing what I do best, which is spreading my personal knowledge of Tarot and Manifesting, with honesty and humility. Everything else is white noise.

Being able to own your shit and stand your ground while remaining available as a mentor and guide demands a sense of balance and self-assurance that does not always come automatically. But it can be learned!

5. Am I Excited to Serve?

If you're about to open a Tarot business for fast cash, let me stop you right there. While Tarot business and spiritual entrepreneurship can be very gratifying AND financially rewarding, it's not a quick and easy way to make a ton of money....not if you do it right.

And if you do it wrong, chances are you'll have to run your business like a con person, moving quick, changing clients, changing business name, doing quick readings for desperate sitters. That's a problematic way to use the cards and part of the reason why our community sometimes get a bad rap.

Running a genuine Tarot business is about service. You're the original "therapist"*, mentor, confidant and spiritual leader all in one. If that's not enough to instil in you a deep sense of responsibility, I don't know what will.

So ask yourself: Are you excited to serve? Are you excited to guide? Are you excited to learn and listen? Are you excited to change lives?

If the answer is yes, then you already got what it takes to get started.

*DISCLAIMER: when I say you're the original "therapist", my point is to go back to how Tarot has been used from the start as a safe place for discussion, healing and shadow work. Reading Tarot is not actual therapy and as a reader, you should never present yourself as a therapist.

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