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5 Foolproof Tarot Spreads with 3 Cards (Tutorial)

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

For this tutorial I wanted to share 5 Foolproof Tarot Spreads (pun intended) that are ideal for beginners and come in handy even if you're an advanced reader.

These simple readings all require 3 cards only and are a great way to ask a simple question, get some quick guidance or start reading without feeling daunted and confused by bigger spreads.

Classic Prediction Spread

This is the most classic way to start reading your cards. For short terms readings, use the full deck to allow more details to pop up.

For long terms reading - if you only read two or three times a year for example, feel free to only use the Major Arcana to focus on the bigger picture.

It's important to consider the past when looking into the future. The first card here actually speaks of past events directly affecting your present and therefore the future development of your situation.

Solving a Problem Spread

Using 3 cards to solve a problem may sound like an easy way out. Wrong! It's just the first step towards solving your issue but this simple spread can really help you understand the problem, the bigger picture and the actions you can take to make things better.

Let’s look at the nature of the problem with card 1, its root and causes with card 2 and the best next step to solve the issue with card 3. You should ideally see a path opening up using all 3 cards together.

Universal Guidance Tarot Spread

Sometimes we don't have a specific question or clear problem. Sometimes things are going just fine. This spread is perfect if you don't have a clear question or would rather not ask one.

The cards always have guidance to either see us through or help us make the most of the any given situation.

Whether you feel like you’re currently in a good or difficult position in your life, the cards can help you understand why you are where you are and where you’re headed. Better even, they can help you make the most of what is handed to you to learn your next valuable lesson.

The first card reveals the main challenge in your life. Even when things are going smoothly, there is always something to take care of. The second card speaks of a current opening or opportunity in your life. Look at what is available and try to seize the day. The last card highlights what you are currently learning from everything happening to you. Take some time to meditate and reflect on the meaning of this card.

Yes or No 3 Cards Tutorial

There are several ways to ask a yes or no question with 3 cards. The first one requires you to take all the cards in the deck and mix them well.

Throw them all on the table, let them turn, upside down and back and again, until you have no idea what is up and what is down.

Now cut your deck in two and only keep the half in your right hand. The other half will not be used.

Pull 3 cards.

If 2 cards are up, the answer is yes, if 2 cards are reversed, the answer is no. You can then look into the actual cards for more insights.

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Two Options Foolproof Tarot Spread

Hesitating between two options is a classic issue many clients come to me for. I usually prefer using more than 3 cards to look into the details of the options in question but if you're a Tarot newbie, this is a pretty easy way to start.

Let your instinct speak. Are you getting a good vibe from card 1 or 2? Even if both cards are positive in essence, which one speaks to you the most? Are both cards pretty negative? Maybe the advice will show you a third possible way you were not considering until now.

Do you have any easy spread you use a lot that you'd like to share? Have you tried any of the above and want to let us know how it went? Share your experience and advices in the comment section below :)

Want more easy tutorials? This way please.

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