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Tips for a First Online Tarot Reading

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

There are many reasons why more people decide to get their first online tarot reading done every day. We do so much online that this is only a natural development. That goes for coaching and wellness too.

Booking a tarot reading online is convenient: you get to keep a report in writing instead of taking notes or recording and you get to compare prices and reviews from the comfort of your couch. But some people still wonder how it works.

Whether you’ve had tarot readings in “real life” or never had one at all, you may find yourself considering getting your first online Tarot Reading but aren’t entirely sure of what you can or cannot expect.

Tips for your First Online Tarot Reading

So here are some tips for your first online tarot reading:

  • Pay extra attention to how you formulate your question. Clarity is key.

  • Be clear and concise when you communicate with your reader. Bullet point information can be more helpful than very long emails where some details may get lost or misunderstood.

  • Don’t share personal information about other people (your ex’s full name or exact address for example. No one needs it and it’s not ethical to share such things – you wouldn’t like it if someone would do it with you after all). Only give the information your reader requires (often a star sign, general location, first name etc. if they ask for much more, be very careful that you’re dealing with someone trustworthy and don’t be afraid to ask why they need such info. You should always feel comfortable and in good hands!)

  • Ask questions about your reading prior to ordering to ensure you are booking the right session (here at TarotParlor for instance, some readings are shorter, some focus on guidance, some go in-depth, others are made for just one question…all readers are different and should welcome all your questions before you buy).

  • Have reasonable expectations. No matter what you believe in or how strong you feel about destiny, some things may not have settled yet or can not be foreseen 100%. If there are steps that needs to be taken prior to the very resolution of an issue, the cards may well focus on these – this is why clarity is key when formulating a question.

  • Timing: this is the most difficult thing when it comes to Tarot. A lot of people hope to know exactly what will happen and even want a specific date for it. Again, if anyone had the winning lottery numbers, the word would be out by now. Timing in Tarot is often going to be expressed in shorter, longer or very long periods of time. We can say that something is going to happen within 3 months or a year. Much more preciseness is sometimes possible but not guaranteed. Ask your reader how they handle timing – there are different ways – prior to your reading if dates are very important to you.

So what to expect from your first online Tarot Reading?

predictions for the future

guidance for the present

specific advices and warnings

We may not be able to give you the exact date of your wedding but an in-depth Tarot Reading will tell you about your future love life and what matters most: the essence of your journey, the purpose of your current situation and how to make sure you stay on track.

Ready to have your first online reading? You can book a live session with me or browse my available readings here.

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